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Welcome to ABOVE AERIAL where we are dedicated to safe flying as experienced FAA Certified Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Systems Remote Pilots & Professional Photographers. 

Based in Ocean City, Maryland and Fenwick Island, Delaware, Above Aerial provides marketing, photography, video and training solutions for businesses, live events, public safety organizations, and private individuals and specializes in customized productions to meet the needs of each client and project. Instructors from Above Aerial have educated, provided workshops and have participated in projects worldwide. Our focus has been audio, photography and video applications for production and post-production. Our Team is passionate about aviation, photography, as well as audio and video production and commercial applications of Drones and Small Unmanned Aircrafts Systems. 

Above Aerial is fully mobile and accepting projects throughout Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, California, Arizona and Internationally in Mexico,  England, Belize, Guatemala, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece & The Netherlands.

Above Aerial is a proud member of the Ocean City, Maryland Chamber of Commerce providing aerial and creative marketing services for Realtors, Builders, Architects, News, Media,  Businesses, Agricultural Farmers, Musicians, Schools, Promoters, and Athletes, Venues, Stadiums and LIVE events.

Above Aerial has evolved to provide years of experience for best-practices training into the world of UAV use. Above Aerial serves as a professional in the photography and videography industry and as a consultant, offering training and speaking engagements on UAV topics: photography, cinematography, mapping, commercial applications, risk mitigation, Night UAV flight, and 107 training to ensure pilots confidently comprehend the FAA Regulations. Our collective experience of instructors and UAV pilots worldwide is our source for creating a best-practices for all things in relation to drone, photo, audio and video. 

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