Based in Ocean City, Maryland and Fenwick Island, Delaware, Above Aerial provides marketing, photography, video and training solutions for businesses, live events, public safety organizations, and private individuals and specializes in customized productions to meet the needs of each client and project.

Instructors from Above Aerial have educated, provided workshops and have participated in projects worldwide. Our focus has been audio, photography and video applications for production and post-production. Our Team is passionate about aviation, photography, as well as audio and video production and commercial applications of Drones and Small Unmanned Aircrafts Systems. 

Ocean City Boardwalk Night Drone 4K - BITSUNE - LOVE U

E384 Fixed Wing Mapping Drone Follow with Mavic 2 Zoom

Hotel Xcaret Mexico - BITSUNE - "Bulletproof" feat. White Sugar

OC Maryland International Kite Expo - Bitsune - "The Answer"

Rose Valley Falls, Ojai, California - Bitsune - "Universe" feat. White Sugar

Game of Throwdowns III - MiC E.P. mixes GIGABEAT

Ocean City, Maryland Boardwalk - Keys & Krates vs. Krane - "Right Here" - Bitsune Remix

Ocean City Maryland Winterfest of Lights 25th Anniversary

West Ocean City Sunset Marina - Mid Atlantic 500 - Petit Biscuit - "Jungle"


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